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Nigerian Navy

This Post is a guide on how to check your name on the Nigerian Navy List of Shortlisted Candidates for 
 DSSC 23 in 2015. See details below.
By Vincent Ujumadu
Awka- THE splinter number of the Activity for the Actualization of the Sovereign Condition of Biafra (MASSOB) has informed the various Igbo categories in the nation to end challenging governmental favors from Chief executive Muhammadu Buhari, disagreeing that no quantity of stress would create obama modify his thoughts in perspective of his claimed hate of the Igbo nation.

The Kaduna situation deputy governor, Bala Barnabas Bantex, has exposed that N24 billion dollars was retrieved by the municipality in 423 banking records in the situation as a result of the government’s choice to begin remitting its income into a Treasury Single Consideration (TSA).

The Nigerian military on Wed said its military “have intercepted and captured some kingpins and legs military of providers of Boko Haram terrorists with challenging drugs and other exciting elements between Depchi and Geidam, Geidam Regional Government Position in northern aspect of Yobe State”.
A announcement by military associate, Sani Usman, said the providers were captured military of 3 Division Wed, following directives by military secret headquarters to military in the North Southern for a cautious look for of motorists and cargoes.
The captured people, according to Mr. Usman, a colonel, were also engaged in the offer of power moreover to challenging drugs such as Marijuana (Indian Hemp), Chlorofone content (AKA Madaran take and die) and Tramol, amongst others.
Mr. Usman engaged, “You will keep in mind that sometimes ago we exposed that amazingly most of the Boko Haram terrorists taken by Nigerian military cannot research the Holy Qur’an, some of them cannot even do it again the first chapter- Suratuh Al-Fatiha and yet they mentioned they preferred to set up an ‘Islamic State’.
“When the Nigerian military taken their perspectives and training camp, they never found Qur’an or other Islamic books, what were mostly found were ammunition, local attraction, birth control methods as well as drugs, such as sex enhancing ones in their enclaves.
“The cops police arrest of these drugs providers has increased that truth, more so as they have been creating very useful statements.
“The Nigerian Army would keep do its best in the fight against terrorism and insurgency in our country to help create Nigeria secured and protected.
“This however, needs continuous support and cooperation of the group. We always welcome and appreciate information that could cause to the cops police arrest and pre-empting of Boko Haram terrorists and other lawful elements in the group.”