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The entertainment industry in Nigeria has
seen a number of beefs and social media
dramas over time. However, not in a long
while have we seen such a long-lasting face-
off as the one between Linda Ikeji and an A-
list singer. We run through the way things
have played out between her and the
Nigerian pop super star Ayo ‘Wizkid’
Balogun in eight points.
Social media drama and the entertainment
The Nigerian entertainment industry has kind
of adjusted to the long-standing social media
feud between blogger Linda Ikeji and Afro pop
star Wizkid. The situation has generated deep
controversy to say the least, but hey, what is
the entertainment industry without issues of
this sort? It clearly comes with the terrain.
Social media possesses strong potential in
that it can make or break an individual or a
corporate body. Therefore any keen observer
will tell you that a brand can either
leverage social media for its greater good or
be buried in the dirt.
Observers will also tell you that, given the
bottomless nature of the internet, it is best
never to ‘spread your dirty fabric’ on social
media because whatever gets out there stays
there for life.
Analysing the Wizkid and Linda Ikeji drama in
8 points
Linda Ikeji and Wizkid – who stands to lose
Over time, Linda and Wizkid have put up
such ‘wonderful shows’ on the internet that
there has been speculation as to the exact
nature of their relationship. Some circles even
say it is not just an artiste-blogger rift
Their beefs, like the recent episodes between
the Okoye brothers, are steeped in intrigue,
garnished with real life happenings and
though entertaining drive their images into a
mud of shame and backlashes.
Who stands to lose more in situations like
this and who stands to win the long term
battle? The answers are slightly confusing
but let’s try to analyse further.
Looking at both of them, one party has a lot
more at stake. One person has more interest
in a preserving a public image, and so he
who has more to protect is he who is
disadvantaged in a situation involving a
public face off. This is the first point we
must establish here today.
The artiste, the celebrity, the entertainer, the
brand ambassador, the one who relies on the
positive feedback from the media, the
patronage of the audience and the corporate
clients is he who has more to lose in any
public show of shame. And if you study the
entertainment industry keenly, you will see
that corporate funding is gigantic and a core
of every successful entertainer’s business, so
no one messes with brands and public image
and perceptions. This is obvious given the
huge sums spent on crisis management and
branding the image of public figures and
celebrities around the world.
So anyhow you look at it today, the man
who has more to gain from earnings which
tie directly or indirectly into corporate funds
is the loser in any form of commotion.
So technically they are both public figures in
the Nigerian entertainment industry and have
one thing or another to do with corporate
clients, even though Wizkid is the bigger
figure. Given this, we look at the situation
and how it’s likely going to end.
Analysing the Wizkid and Linda Ikeji drama in
8 points
Analysing their drama in eight points
Against the backdrop of the aforementioned,
we summarize our discourse here in
eight points viz;
1. The pen will always be mightier than the
sword – So naturally he who has the
platform with which to speak or write will
always be the winner any day. This clearly
edges Wizkid out.
2. Linda Ikeji has a platform that isn’t time
specific – Music and the stardom in its wake
is never forever; there will always be a shelf
life. Even the biggest and brightest stars
have come and gone but we can’t exactly
say the same for media platforms.
3. Both figures will suffer image crisis in the
long run as more dirt gets unearthed but the
one who needs a ‘cleaner’ public image will
suffer the more. And this is not just the
celebrity here; Linda has a lot to lose as well
as she is a woman and this is Africa.
4. With the way things are currently set up
between both parties it appears there might
be no end in sight to whatever ‘issues’ they
both have.
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5. Wizkid and Linda Ikeji have drama in their
DNAs and it’s only a matter of time before
they make a Nollywood appearance.
6. The people are looking forward to their
social media feuds but will soon be bored
and want something fresh, so enough with
the dramas. Linda Ikeji and Wizkid need to
get with the system, they both need to wake
up and smell the coffee. The blogger should
get back to blogging while the entertainer
gets back to the thing he is best known for.
7. Wizkid is being a kid and Linda Ikeji talks
too much – they both need to zip it up.
Analysing the Wizkid and Linda Ikeji drama in
8 points
8. We have also learnt that the inner
workings of social media dramas among
celebs and public figures are good for the
business. In other words, a little beef and
uproar here and there is just fine and helps
‘spice up the stew’ nicely. In this light, think
of beef as bacteria that even though harmful
also helps.
As we wrote earlier during the issue between
Don Jazzy and Olamide, a little beef is okay
for showbusiness.
We can’t deny that occasional dramas have
helped jolt the industry both in Nigeria and
around the world. Dramas are like bacteria,
they are important too. They have helped
awaken the biggest, multi billion dollar
showbiz industries of the world. And with a
fast-growing Nigerian entertainment industry,
it is not out of place to have a few shots of
the stimulant called ‘drama’ every now and
then. Only a few, healthy shots of this and
we will be fine.
Linda Ikeji is a ‘witch’ as far as blogging is
concerned in Nigeria and West Africa.

Her influence is pervasive, her magic exists on
several planes and her acclaim is
Wizkid is a super star in every sense of the
word. You think of him today and the closest
thing that comes to mind is that lad who is
poised to bring greatness to his people in
many more ways previously unimagined.
It is just sad that this has been the situation
between him and Linda when he should be
involved in more pressing matters like trying
to make more music with strong content and
bettering his Ojuelegba record among other