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ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Analysing the Wizkid and Linda Ikeji drama in eight points.

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has
seen a number of beefs and social media
dramas over time. However, not in a long
while have we seen such a long-lasting face-
off as the one between Linda Ikeji and an A-
list singer. We run through the way things
have played out between her and the
Nigerian pop super star Ayo ‘Wizkid’
Balogun in eight points.
Social media drama and the entertainment
The Nigerian entertainment industry has kind
of adjusted to the long-standing social media
feud between blogger Linda Ikeji and Afro pop
star Wizkid. The situation has generated deep
controversy to say the least, but hey, what is
the entertainment industry without issues of
this sort? It clearly comes with the terrain.
Social media possesses strong potential in
that it can make or break an individual or a
corporate body. Therefore any keen observer
will tell you that a brand can either
leverage social media for its greater good or
be buried in the dirt.
Observers will also tell you that, …