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NYCN holds debate for South-East Governors

National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) is set to hold political debate for South East Governorship Candidates in four states in the zone.
South East Vice-President of the NYCN, Prince Chibuikem Echem who disclosed this to newsmen in Enugu said the Governorship debate will provide opportunity for candidates of various political parties to sell their manifestoes to the electorates to better understand their blueprint.
The debate is scheduled to begin in Abia on February 6, 2019.
A schedule of the programme obtained by Webwaver indicates that the event will hold in Imo on February 7th, Ebonyi State, 8th Feb 2019, and Enugu State on Feb 9th 2019.
Prince Echem disclosed that the debate will be broadcast live through TSTV and all FRCN stations in the zone as well as Dream fm and major social media platforms.
This debate will be broadcast live on cable through TSTV, and on all FRCN stations in the zone and Dream 92.5 FM.
He identified South East Media Executive Round Table (SEMERT), Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), and Peoples Creative Empowerment International (PCEI) as major partners in the project.
He enjoined all youths across South East to support the project and make it a successful one so as to hold all public office holders in the region accountable.


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