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ASUU Strike Update Day 49: We May Boycott Future Meetings With FG, ASUU Threatens

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) says it may not honour further calls for negotiation by the federal government towards resolving the ongoing strike action by the members of the union until it sees sincerity on the part of the federal Government. The national president of the union, Biodun Ogunyemi, said this during a news conference on Sunday in Lagos.

“Since the commencement of this strike, we have had six meetings with agents of the federal government, with no clear commitment from government to resolving the issues we presented.
ASUU Strike Update Day 49: We May Boycott Future Meetings With FG, ASUU Threatens
“Government appears to have adopted ‘keep them talking’ strategy while deceiving the public that progress was being made and that partial agreements had been reached between union and government.
The ASUU president also stated that the union has strong reasons to believe that the continuation of Dr Wale Babalakin as the head of the FG's negotiation team with ASUU will not yield good fruit.
He further stated that the strike has nothing to do with politics or election, as is being speculated in some sectors of the society.
“We have never thought of aborting any election. We do not want to create problem for this country but let the government do the right thing,” he said.
He said the union appreciated the understanding of the Nigerian students, their parents, among whom were many ASUU members and other people of goodwill since the resumption of the avoidable strike.


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