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Jim Ovia Scholarships For Nigerian Students , Apply Now!!

Are you an undergraduate student in a Nigerian University?? If yes, Then you are eligible to apply for the Jim Ovia Scholarship.
The scholarship is open to all
potential Nigerian Students. It is
provided to create a network of future leaders within Nigeria who can compete globally with their peers, bring new ideas, creativity and are committed to improving the lives and circumstances of people in their respective communities.
- Applicants must be citizens of
- Scholarships are awarded on the
basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability and a desire to contribute to society at large to improve the lives of others.

Application Process
- Applicants should visit https://
- Create a new account or login with your existing credentials if you already have a Jim Ovia Scholar Account.
- Between September 15(Which is
today) and November 15 when the
scholarship application form becomes available, you can begin your application.
Ensure to fill out all the data completely and accurately on
your application.
Applications are accompanied with
the following:
i) Completed online application
ii) Valid Government ID (e.g.
International passport, Voter’s Card, National ID or Driver’s License). The only exception will be for minors below the age of 18 years who are unable to apply for a government ID.
In which case, a birth certificate will be accepted in lieu of a government ID for such minors.
iii) An official original letter (not
photocopied) from your school/Head of Department stating the following: – Your full-name – Course Title – Department of Study – CGPA – Gender – Matriculation number OR Newly
matriculated who have not yet
received a matriculation number or school ID must provide a provisional admission letter to their institution of study.
iv) Original Secondary School
Certificate (WAEC or NECO)
v) Original JAMB certificate
vi) A valid student ID for your host
institution (University/College)
vii) A passport photograph
Applicants are advised to read the
Scholarship application guide by
clicking the link
The application deadline for this
scholarship is on 15th November 2016 for 2017 session.
For more information visit the official page by clicking the link below;


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