How to Start a Successful Blog for Free and Make Money

Module 1-: How do you start a blog with no money? What does it take to build a successful blog from scratch? What’s the success secret of this business blog? How did Linda Ikeji become the number one blogger in Nigeria in less than three years? How did she make so much money to buy a house and car worth over N20million in less than three years?
How was I able to start and build these blogs “StrategicBusinessTeam.com and MyTopBusinessideas.com” to profitability without any marketing or advertising budget? If you are interested in the answer to the questions above, please read on.
The fact that you are reading this article proves that you have interest in building your own profitable blog; whether now or in the future. So I will strictly be focusing this article on the step by step instruction for starting a “profitable, successful blog.
I emphasize the words “Profitable and successful” because they are two components you want to see in your blog. Your blog can be successful in terms of monthly traffic, subscribers and page views; yet, that same blog can still lack profitability (not making money).
However, before I proceed, I want to state categorically that there are excellent articles that go into in-depth details of how to start a successful blog. So what makes this article different? The big difference between this article and others is that this article is focused on my own personal experience in the business of blogging.
Now for the past five years I have been an entrepreneur, there are few questions that I am been asked almost on a daily business and unfortunately, I have been shying away from providing answers to these questions because I don’t want to be seen as another “Snake Oil Marketer or Scammer.” Do you want to know what these questions are? Well, here they are:
  • I am a newbie, how do I make money online in Nigeria?
  • I want to start a blog, how do I go about it?
  • Is Forex trading a good investment opportunity?
  • What is the best low risk business I can start on the internet and make money?